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Blocked Kitchen Sink

The most common Blocked Sinks is probably a Blocked Kitchen Sinks. When you think about all the waste the goes down our kitchen sinks its no wonder why. From bits of waste foods to grease and fats from plates, pans and dishes. All these bits start to collect in the waste pipes and as they collect the attract more bits to stick to them causing a blockage.


Blocked Bathroom Sink, Bath or Shower

Sometimes blockages in the bathroom can just affect one element, ie just the bathroom sink is blocked. This could point to the problem being close to the sink or that the sink waste flows on its own waste pipe. Other blockages can affect a few or all elements of the bathroom indicating that they share waste pipes.

The sink, bath and shower can easily block up with hair, congealed soap and other things the shouldn’t be there like toe nail clippings.

We have trained drainage engineers who are experienced in diagnosing the cause and the position of the blockage. Once called they can quickly attend at your property to restore flow to your drainage pipes, all at an affordable price.

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