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Origin Drainage & Plumbing

Here at Origin Drainage and Plumbing, we provide a fast and reliable Emergency Drain Repairs and Unblocking Service. Operating in St Albans and the surrounding areas, our team of qualified engineers are on hands to deliver excellent Drain Repair solutions. A blocked drain can go unmissed, until its too late! If your drain is giving off unusual smells or your drains are over following, you should call Origin Drainage, your Drain Expert immediately.

Our Services

Drain repairs

The installation of the drainage system in the property is taken care of by the property builders. But, with the passing of time, people don’t always take the time to check the current condition of their drainage …

Drain maintenance

Our preventative drain maintenance service is designed for facilities managers and property owners who want the peace of mind that their drainage system is regularly checked and serviced.

Blocked Drains

The drainage system is an important part of your property as it deals with removal of all liquid and organic waste. Slowing drain sinks baths,

Blocked Toilets

Having a blocked toilet can be very disruptive to your family or work colleagues. Here at Origin Drainage we have professionally trained staff who can quickly clear you toilet.

Blocked Sinks

If you have a slow draining or blocked sink, bath or shower call us today for more information. We can quickly clear the blockage and leave your sink,bath or shower free flowing again.

Emergency Drain Clearance

If you find yourself with a major drainage problem out of normal working hours call us for our Emergency Drain Clearance service. We have trained drainage engineers happy to help.

Drain Unblocking

Origin Drainage & Plumbing has a team of experienced staff who have been working in the drainage industry for some time. Although every job is different their wide range of experience makes them experts in Drain Unblocking. They are able to diagnose and clear blockages quickly and efficiently. Because of this we have fixed prices for blockages making our services very affordable. To provide a quality service and total customer satisfaction is our prime aim.

Why Choose Us

Dedicated Services

Our plumbing and drainage services include simple solutions to the most complex problems.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We ensure to provide services as per the demand of our customers for 100% satisfaction.

24/7 Solutions

Our expert team works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Latest Technology

We always use the high-tech equipment and techniques in every one of our services.

Solutions for all kinds of plumbing problems

Our team of plumbers has the potential to solve most drainage and plumbing related problem. We offer fast response to calls and always get problems resolved professionally, safely and in a good time scale. Don’t take any drainage problem lightly, just give us a call and get rid of the issue once for all.



The drainage system of our house got blocked for some reason everything stopped flowing. We couldn’t find the exact spot of problem so, we had to ask help from the professionals. Origin Drainage and Plumbing Services made the job easy for us. With the guys knowledge they solved the issue within hours. We are thankful to them.


We were not exactly familiar with the hassles of drain repair. When saw the guys working, we found that it is real tough and it demands skills and experience both. Thankfully, with Origin Drainage and Plumbing Services we got all under the single roof. We are glad that they visited us on the very first call. It took them a few hours to repair the issue that we were having. But, things are fine and now. Good job guys. We recommend them strongly.


I just called the Origin Drainage and Plumbing Services guys for some plumbing needs. They helped me a lot. What I liked about the guys is that they are skilled and know the job well. They are very professional too and dropped in just in time. Good work. Recommended!