Drainage issues can be a result of many things from poor installation to age. Most problems can be prevented so knowing the issues and what we can do to solve them is a great way to keep your drains in good health.

Damaged Pipes:

Pipes can be damaged in numerous ways. For example, tree roots can enter the pipe and widen the gaps, causing the pipe to split. The root will restrict the flow within the pipe causing a blockage.

Keeping trees and bushes away from drains is the best way to avoid tree root incursion. Obviously, the bigger the plant, the further away from the pipe it should be.

Abnormal objects:

A vague title that covers so much. In the toilet you should stick to the 3Ps, avoid putting anything other than that down the toilet. You’d be surprised what people flush away, anything from wet wipes to unopened tinned fruit!

Pipe installation:

Correctly fitting pipes is vital to their health. Leaks, cracks, and gaps can get worse over time leading to things like toilet paper getting caught or roots entering and forming a blockage. Leaks can cause soil erosion and eventually cause the pipe to sag, while the type of pipe is also important. If you have a pitch fiber pipe it can collapse due to the weight of the soil above resulting in a blockage.

Heavy rain:

Drains are built for normal rainfall. Abnormal rainfall can cause drains to overflow as the amount of water exceeds the capacity of the drain. There isn’t much that can be done to stop heavy rainfall but making sure your drains are clear and maximising its capacity is the best way to stop flooding.

Age of the pipe:

Over time pipes suffer wear and tear. Some suffer from rust; others have a buildup of limescale caused by the type of water and many are affected by seasonal changes. Keeping your eye on the pipes can stop any serious issues and extend the life of your drainage system.

Animal waste:

When the 3Ps are mentioned, otherwise known as pee, poo and paper, the waste materials must be human! Animal waste cannot go down the toilet. Cat waste hardens over time therefore blocking the pipe.

Regularly checking your drains can keep them in good working order. CCTV drainage inspection spots problems before they occur. At Origin Drainage and Plumbing, our team of experts is experienced, professionally trained, and fully insured to perform plumbing and drainage-related works. We unblock and repair your drains without a problem whilst offering our preventative drain maintenance. Best of all, there are no hidden costs and no call out charge. The price you see is the price you pay, trust us to look after your drains.

So, if you have an issue with your drains and need our help, get in touch today by giving us a call on 01727 220 396, emailing us at info@origindrainageandplumbing.co.uk, or by clicking here to reach our contact page.