To many people, the winter may seem like the only time drains play up, but the summer and autumn months can also cause havoc for your drains. Increased volume, tree roots, and heat all contribute to drainage issues.

Water usage:

During a heatwave, who doesn’t have a shower just to keep cool? The increase in showers and baths can cause more regular blockages caused by hair, soap, and skin. Often a plunger is the first point of call and most of the time is a miracle worker.


Trees are a threat to the health of your drains. More specifically, their roots. The drain seals or defective pipes can allow roots to break through and enter the drain. The root will grow and cause bigger problems over time.

When planting most trees or bushes they shouldn’t be within three meters of your drain just to reduce the risk of a root invasion. Of course, the bigger the tree the further away it should be.

It’s not just roots that cause issues but leaves and twigs, especially during the autumn months, can also make their way into your drain but preventing this is very difficult.

Blocked Drains:

Food, oil, and grease down your drain will block your pipes but it will be the smell you notice first, especially throughout the hotter days. This can become overpowering so calling a drainage company as soon as possible will quickly remove the unpleasant smell.

The autumn does bring hazards for your drain, but it is also one of the best times of year to fix the issue. September’s good weather means fixing drains isn’t a battle against the elements whilst making it easier to spot issues before the winter months.

Whatever the time of year when a drain blocks it can cause so much disruption. Most will try to deal with the problem themselves but when the home remedies don’t work you need to call a drainage company.

We offer a 24/7 service to fix your drains whenever an emergency occurs. But how exactly do we fix your drains?

CCTV Drain Inspection:

We first assess the problem using a CCTV drain camera. We can detect broken pipes, tree root invasions, collapsed drains, blockages, and leaks. The CCTV inspection gives us a clear picture of the issue your drain is struggling with.

Regularly surveying the drains can also prevent problems before they occur.

Drain Rodding:

Drain rodding is pushing a bendy pole down the pipe to dislodge the blockage, allowing debris to be removed. This simple, quick method is used for simple blockages.

Drain Jetting:

Water is fired out of a nozzle at very high pressure to break up the blockage and the best thing is, the debris is washed away afterward. Drain jetting also reaches further down the pipe than drain rodding whilst being a better option if rodding hasn’t worked or if the blockages keep coming back.

When does your drain need work?

A CCTV inspection should be carried out if you have bad smells, slow drainage, or gurgling noises. It is a great way to find the issues quickly. Our experts will then recommend the best cause of action to sort out the problem.

For more information have a look at the various pages on our website and if you want to see updates on recent jobs look at our Facebook page. We hope this has helped you understand the dangers of drains in the autumn and how we can solve them.

If you think you may need help with your drainage system, get in contact with us today.