We’ve all dropped something down the drain at some point, haven’t we? When having done so you may feel irritated followed by the feeling of hopelessness, knowing you will never see the key, wedding ring or contact lens again.

Don’t rush out and change the locks just yet! It’s not the end of the world, there is something that can be done.


What to do if you’ve dropped something down the toilet…

By far the easiest solution as all it requires is a glove (or not if you’re feeling brave). But first of all, don’t flush. If you do, you will never get your lost position back.

Due to the U bend in the toilet, the lost item won’t have left the pipe so reaching in and fishing it out is easy enough. Just remember if it is a contact lens you lost maybe where your glasses instead!


Dropping something down the sink…

This is a bit more complicated than fishing in the toilet.

Firstly, turn off the water using the stopcock. This will prevent you from potentially flooding your home.

Next, remove the plug to see if you can reach down and retrieve the lost item. But be careful you don’t become stuck!

If that doesn’t work and you haven’t become stuck, put a bucket or bowl under the pipe and remove the P-trap. Then empty the contents into the bucket and your item should be in there.


Lost an item in a road drain…

Fortunately, this one does not require you to stick your hand down the drain or attempt some DIY. All you have to do is call the council immediately and they should be able to provide some help with getting your property back.


If you have a home drainage emergency, like a lost wedding ring, and you don’t fancy attempting to fiddle around with your drains, or you have tried and failed to solve the issue, we at Origin Drainage and Plumbing can help.

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