Drain Pipe Picture

You may ask how a home buyers CCTV drain survey could help you? Buying a house is probably the largest purchase you will make in your life. You view the house to check you like it and that it looks in good order. You would also get a house survey to check out the structure of the house in more detail. But what is the condition of your drains as, being underground, you cant see them.

What Is A Home Buyers CCTV Drain Survey?

A home buyers CCTV drain survey is performed by pushing a drain camera along the drainage pipes of your property to identify defects. These defects can be anything from broken pipes to root ingress and can potentially cause blocked drains or other problems. If left these defects will only get worse with the potential of causing you both stressful and unpleasant drainage problems in the future.

We use the latest drainage inspection camera and reporting software to supply you with a full report of you drainage system. This will include a list of problems found, including photos, and video footage of your drainage pipes. This will enable you to clearly see the condition of your pipes.

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