When was the last time you had your drains checked? Do you know the signs of a blocked drain? A blocked drain can catch anyone by surprise at any time. So what warning signs do you need to look out for?

By making yourself aware of the warning signs, you’ll be able to take action quickly. Solving the problem as soon as possible. Leaving issues undealt with for a long period can cause further, more costly problems such as burst and leaking pipes.

Slow drainage

If there is a blockage present in the pipe, water will drain slowly. Any sluggish flowing water is a warning sign of a blocked drain. This may suggest there is a blockage problem in the fixture itself or in a sewer drain. To prevent any further damage, we recommend getting in contact with a professional company to locate the problem. Solving it before it the blockage develops.

Rising Toilet Water

Along with slow draining problems, water rising in the toilet bowl is another sign a blocked drain is present. But what causes water to rise in the toilet?

The main trigger for this is if products are flushed down the toilet that aren’t able to be broken down in the water. Examples include wet wipes, sanitary products and too much toilet paper. One important thing to remember is if you see water staying in your toilet after flushing, do not flush again and don’t panic!

Here at Origin Drainage and Plumbing, we advise all our customers to stick to the 3 Ps…

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These are all able to be broken down in water. Therefore, causing you no issues in the condition of your drains, saving you a lot of stress and time. No one wants a toilet out of bounds.

Gurgling sounds

Are you noticing strange and unfamiliar noises coming from your drains? This is caused by air that has been trapped in the pipes before being pushed up through the system. Unusual sounds signal for a blocked drain and could lead to slow drainage in the pipes.

To get ahead of the problem early contact a professional. They will be able to locate and solve the problem without promoting further issues.

Smell something foul?

A vulgar smell coming from your drains often described to be close to rotten eggs or sewage is always an indication of a blocked drain. If you’re experiencing smell alone and not combined with any other warning signs, we still suggest getting in contact with a professional drainage company as soon as possible.

Vile smells usually suggest there is a blockage or broken pipe in the system and something is beginning to rot.

Origin Drainage and Plumbing can carry out a CCTV drain inspection. We will locate exactly where the issue is and what is causing the bad smell. Once this has been discovered, we can then fix the problem with no further damage.

How can you prevent a blocked drain?

Now we have discussed the warning signs of a blocked drain… we now want to discuss some preventative measures to help you keep your drains in the best possible condition because we all know how inconvenient a blocked drain can be.

No oil or grease down your drains!!

While you probably pour a range of different liquids down your drain without a second thought, oils and grease is a big no!

Both oil and grease can easily glide down your drains… but just because it goes down easily doesn’t mean it isn’t causing a large amount of damage to the condition of your drains. If these liquids make their way into the drainage system, they set and turn into a solid that can be difficult to remove without a professional on hand.

Invest in a sink drain strainer…

Certain things pass through into the drainage system now and then, that isn’t recommended but if it isn’t a frequent occurrence there’s not much to worry about… however, what if that one mistake caused you a blocked drain, stress, money and time?

We suggest investing in a sink drain strainer. This is an inexpensive accessory that allows waste to be caught e.g., hair, food, beauty products etc and prevents any soap, hair and oil to bind together and cause a blockage.

For these to be continually effective, regular maintenance is required, this simply consists of disposing of whatever is caught and putting it straight in the bin.

How can we help?

Drain Jetting

Did you know drain jetting technology can improve the flow efficiency of your pipes to 75% – 95%?

To solve stubborn hard to reach blockages that a plunger or drain rod won’t fix, drain jetting is your answer. This service is known to be one of the fastest and most effective ways to clear a blocked drain!

Drain Maintenance Service

Here at Origin Drainage and Plumbing, we offer a drain maintenance service to protect your property or facility.

This package is ideal for facilities owners or property owners who want peace of mind that their drainage system is regularly checked and serviced.

We put together a drain preventative maintenance plan that suits your property and needs and at set intervals within the year one of our trained and fully insured drainage technicians will come out to check and clean your drainage system.

CCTV Drain Survey

When warning signs of a blocked drain show, it’s hard to source the exact problem from the outside, that’s why we offer a CCTV Drain Survey which reveals the real condition of your drains.

From this service, we can detect any problems, can find out the real cause for the problems and identify what areas need to be repaired.

If you want to find out more information on this service, check out our blog here.

If you think any of these services, will help you and your drainage system, get in touch with us today and we hope this has helped you to understand and learn about the warning signs and preventative steps that can be taken to minimising the risk of a blocked drain.