Cold weather, trees, leaves, and Christmas dinner are all major threats to your drains throughout December, January, and February. Nature seemingly has a vendetta against your drains. That’s why being prepared is vital to keeping them flowing this winter.

Cold Weather…

The biggest threat is the winter weather. When the water in the pipes freezes it expands. It is this expansion that causes the pipe to crack or burst. The ice melts and the water, once contained within the pipe, can easily escape causing a wide range of issues.

Fortunately, this isn’t an inevitability. You don’t have to cross your fingers and pray the pipe endures. There are some things you can do to prevent this issue.

Firstly, identify if there are any leaks. They can let the cold weather enter your pipe, so finding out if there are any and repairing them is a great first step to protecting your pipes.

Cleaning your drains makes a huge difference. This allows the water to flow away rather than collect in the pipe. By removing the leaves, mud, or other debris in the drain you could save yourself a lot of hassle and money.

If pipes are not in use, for example, if you are on holiday over Christmas, drain them. The less water inside the pipe the more space the water has to expand, resulting in less pressure on the pipe.

However, if you plan to use your drains as normal, insulation is the best course of action. Circular insolation or heat tape are good options when trying to keep your pipe above freezing. The latter is especially good for thinner pipes.

Tree leaves…

The drains located outside your house are more likely to block during the winter. After an autumn of falling leaves and heavy rainfall, your drains may not be as prepared as they should be. That’s before adding in the possibility of tree roots entering through cracks and joints.

CCTV Drain Surveys are the best way to find out what issues may be lurking in your pipes, building up and waiting to surprise you.

And Christmas dinner…

With more people in the house over the festive period, the demand on your drains is greater than ever! Unfortunately, this can cause blockages due to more soap suds and hair heading down the plug or more toilet roll down the toilet.

Not only that the increase in washing up caused by numerous roast dinners. Often grease, fats, and oils are thrown out with the wastewater. Once down the drain they cool and solidify, blocking your pipes.

Try draining the fats and oils before you wash your dishes or dispose of the water in a different way rather than down the drain.


Heading away this winter?

Leaving your property usually isn’t a problem but during the winter keeping the system flowing makes a difference. Stagnant water freezes easier.

If you’re away ask a neighbour or a family member to turn the heating on every so often and run the taps just to keep things ticking over and stop it from freezing.

If you are looking to prepare your drains for the winter or your pipes do go wrong, please get in touch, we can help!

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