CCTV Drainage Survey

CCTV Drain Survey

Know the Real condition of your Drainage System with our CCTV Drain Survey. Sometimes when we look at the drains from the outside of the drainage system everything looks to be perfect.

But when you start to get bad smells, hear gurgling noises or water and waste has stopped flowing away we will need to investigate the drainage system inside. It’s only after looking from the inside, you will get to know about the real cause of problems and identify any parts that need to be repaired or if it’s just blocked drains.
Here at Origin Drainage & Plumbing, we provide CCTV drain surveys to detect any ongoing problems or identify build ups of scale or fats that will need cleaning by drain jetting. We use a state of the art CCTV drain inspection camera that gives a clear picture of the condition of your drain pipes. The camera can produce videos of the whole drainage system or just a specific pipe and also take photos of any problem areas found.Also by carrying out a CCTV drain survey it can enable us to provide you with a more thorough estimate of what it would cost to carry out pipe repairs. We can also advise you of any areas in the drainage system that can cause you bigger problems in the future.

Drain Inspection

The following aspects can be revealed by a CCTV drain inspection

CCTV can detect lot more if used by a professional with expert skill level. We can help you to find problems like:

Broken pipes: Lots of pressure falls on the pipes, drainage pipes when placed underground. After a certain period, this constant pressure can fracture the pipes. It is not possible to dig the entire ground to find the defect. We can help you to find such problems easily with CCTV survey.

Collapsed Drains: Sometimes, the drains collapsed because of various factors. But, detecting the specific points become difficult. This problem is also possible to detect with CCTV survey.

Tree roots: One of the most common causes of a blockage in the drains is from tree roots. It is really hard to detect them because there is no sign from the outside. A CCTV drain survey can help you identify such defects.

We can supply you with a professional report detailing all the defects found in your drainage system. This is what makes our service the best around.

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